The Best Board Collaboration Tools For Successful Risk Management

Risks in the work of a private enterprise or a large company are inevitable. Modern tools for joint remote work of the board of the company help to successfully manage risks – control and resolve difficult situations. This article presents some of the most effective and high-quality software options.


Sophisticated risk management programs can delay the resolution of a problem because the interface is unclear and users don’t know what’s going on. This has been taken into account by the nTask developers. This software helps not only to cope with risks but also to successfully manage projects in general.

The strengths of the application are:

  • Deep risk reporting. Here you see not only a list of problematic issues that our company has faced, but also distributes these risks to certain users. Accordingly, each of the board members is responsible for certain decisions.
  • It is convenient to view risks. It is important for managers to see the whole picture, and not just some part of it. The list view of risks makes it possible to view all problems at the same time and to delve into each of them by opening the corresponding tab.
  • The ability to distribute risks according to the degree of their impact on the company’s work. In the application, you can give each risk a different color, which shows how serious it is for the company.
  • The nTask program is also capable of generating tables, risk matrices, and risk assessment graphs.
  • H2: Resolver
  • The Resolver program does not focus on pre-existing risks, but on planning and anticipating risks for the company. This is a good option for a company of any size in any industry. The advantages of the application are:
  • Efficient data evaluation. The Resolver uses state-of-the-art algorithms to evaluate risks and prioritize them.
  • Possibility of obtaining a comprehensive report. You can get data on threat trends using reports that the program generates on its own.
  • The program updates the data automatically in real-time. All events occurring in the company are recorded by the Resolver and taken into account when generating risk reports.
  • Huge potential in the field of communication of information about existing risks. The program can interact with 40 other applications through which you can transfer or export company risk data.

With the help of the program, you can not only monitor or work with risk but also monitor how the management team responds to emerging problems.


All the most important is hidden in the details – this is the motto of the creators of TimeCamp. They believe that there is no such danger as point risks, even in major dangers for the enterprise. Small problems weaken the team, which leads to the failure of the entire project in the future.

The TimeCamp program allows you to assess financial risks by showing situations in which the budget is spent unevenly. TimeCamp helps you control your spending and cash receipts.

Also, with the help of TimeCamp, you can manage the time that is spent on certain tasks during the project implementation. Thanks to competent time management, it is possible to complete projects on time, track the work of the team at different periods (day, week, month).

If the situation becomes critical, you can spot it with TimeCamp and take control of your project’s “slow down flight”.

On the site, you can find the rating of the relevant programs and choose the best one for you.