How to share a Steam game with a friend

Now you can share games, thankfully the developers of the store have recently added a useful option Family Sharing, which allows to share applications from your own library with other people. You can activate this mode only if Steam GUARD is enabled in your settings.

What is needed to share your

Sharing a game on Steam is easy, but you’ll need to give the other person all your account info, including your Steam GUARD login name, password, and security key. But there are also a few limitations, with which it is advisable to read before changing the settings:

  • It is possible to play someone else’s games until the account owner decides to run something himself. If this happens, the other person will be automatically “kicked out” of the account in about five minutes.
  • Only an entire library can be shared, not an individual game.
  • Your library can only be used on up to 10 devices (five profiles). One user can use several computers at the same time.
  • If the person you gave the access to decides to engage in fraud and other illegal activities, not only the other user’s profile but also your account will be blocked.

Thus, if you have decided to give access to Steam games to a friend, you need to make sure that the person is reliable before you do it. If it’s not someone you know in real life, then connect with a person by using Steam friend code and get to know him a little bit. And in general, it’s better never to share your account data with strangers.

How to share a game with a friend

The main limitation is that you can give the game in Steam to your friend only if your account is already tied to Steam GUARD. As a rule, to install additional protection you only need to confirm your own email address and phone number.

When everything is ready, follow the instructions:

  1. Log into your account from the computer your friend will be using. To do this, you’ll have to enter all of your personal information, including your username, password, and security key.
  2. Open the “Steam” tab and select “Settings. Pay attention to the side menu, where all the available items are located. Next, click on the “Family” section.
  3. Look for the “Family Library Sharing” section. Just check the box next to “Authorise Library sharing on this computer”. Additionally, you can also select a specific account if more than one person is using the same device.
  4. To save the changes, click “OK” and close the window.

Now you know how to share games with a friend. And what does another user have to do to launch one of your games? Just log in to your profile and look at the library. That’s where the applications from your account will be located.