Business acumen: How to develop it

There are many opinions about this quality as “business acumen”. Many consider it something like a talent “given from birth”. However, with the proper motivation, this quality is quite possible to develop.

The main thing is to set the right task

To begin with, let’s define what “business acumen” is. Take as a basis the following:

  • Excellent planning;
  • Organization of work and accounts;
  • The ability to work productively;
  • The originality of ideas.

This concept is ambiguous, and apparently, that’s why there are a large number of definitions.

What to do

Take advantage of the following tips:

  1. Plan and execute. When there is a lot to do, planning can seem like a waste of time. How can you sit quietly at your desk in front of a piece of paper when you’re already not getting anything done? In fact, devoting 10-15 minutes of your time to morning planning saves you a lot more time during the day. If you feel more comfortable, make a plan for the next workday at the end of the current one.
  2. If possible, do more than one thing at a time. If you can do two things at the same time – do so. For example, plan the order of all business trips together to determine the shortest route. Gather all your business financial needs and go to the bank once a week instead of twice. Keep and continually replenish the list of office supplies you need and, once you’re near the right store, buy whatever is needed.
  3. Let other people take care of your secondary concerns. FedEx will pick up your order and deliver it. Many office equipment and stationery suppliers offer free shipping for a certain order size. Let other people handle these issues, you can use the time saved for other things.
  4. Ask for help. If you need to do a project that requires more than one hour of pointless labor, ask friends or family members to help you with a soda (or beer). Ask for all sorts of help, from picking and setting up media packages to packing and delivering orders. With this approach, the project can be done in one evening when otherwise it might take a whole week to do it all.
  5. Take notes. It’s so easy to leave messages and write reminders on small pieces of paper and post-it notes. But then those pieces of paper and post-its fill up your entire workspace. Instead, have one large, spring-loaded notebook at the top. Keep it on your desk by your phone. Take it with you on business trips. Each morning, write the date on the top of a new page and write your to-do plan on the same page.

You need all the time you can find to achieve your goals. These ideas are not a bad start. Perhaps your family members or friends have some ideas too, ask them for their suggestions. Read books on time management and articles on self-organization. One good idea can save you hours of time.